Hilo, Hawaii – December 2015 & February 2018

Ever since some good friends moved to Ninole, about twenty miles north of Hilo, Hawaii, I have visited them about once a year.  Hilo is an interesting city, maybe a little worn, but with colorful characters, good restaurants, interesting buildings and art.
The Hilo side of Hawaii is, in many ways, different than the image most people have of Hawaii.  It is a place where people live and work. It is less built up and developed. There are not any huge resorts or hotels.  Cruise ships do pull into Hilo, there are many attractions in the area, and there are tourists around, but they are less obvious than on  the Kona side of the The Big Island, or some of the other Hawaiian Islands.  This is very much one of the charms of this area.
On the road from Hilo, back to Ninole, is the beautiful Alae Cemetery.  I have driven past this cemetery many times, and, in 2018, I finally stopped to visit.
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