Ever since I moved to Portsmouth in the summer of 2017, I have been using my cameras to document my new home. Here are various views of Portsmouth, taken from then, to now, as seen from ground level, from the water and from above.

For my first year, I lived in apartment with a wonderful view of the North Church steeple, resulting in some dramatic sunrise photos, many photos looking north towards the Memorial Bridge, and several shots of the Provident Bank Building, being constructed just outside my window. After a year, we moved to the West End, and much of my focus shifted to the West End neighborhood, Goodwin Park and the Immaculate Conception Church bell tower. I have grouped the photos by year, so you can see how the city has changed and how my focus has shifted. This collection includes both color and black and white photos; in some cases, I decided to include both versions of the same photo for your consideration. This is a living project, and one that I will be updating on an irregular basis...so check back every now and then...

You can either just scroll down the page, or click on the first image to see a larger version, then you can page through larger versions of all the pictures....
Thank you!

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