Like many other photographers, when I first became interested in photography I was a nature and landscape photographer. My enjoyment of Street Photography and Urban Photography began totally by accident. 
It was a cold, sleety day in March 2014. I was sitting in a window seat at the Starbucks on L Street NW, near the Farragut North Metro Station in Washington, DC. As I sat there, sipped tea and read, I decided to pull out my camera and take some pictures of the people passing by. Happily sitting there and taking photos, one of the differences between the two types of photography really grabbed nature photography I always cursed the people in the pictures, but, for the most part, in street and urban photography, the people are the picture! Once I realized this somewhat obvious fact, it actually excited me, and I never looked back. Typically, I now shoot whatever is in front of me, but my preference is street and urban photography.
I have found Portsmouth and environs to be a rich environment for street and urban photography. I enjoy watching, and recording, people as they go about their lives and have been happily shooting since I arrived in 2017. These are the photos that I have so far, I suspect that more will be coming in the future...BTW, in many cases I had trouble deciding whether I preferred the color or black and white version of a photo, so I have given you can decide for yourself...also, if you live or visit Portsmouth, you may see yourself in these photos, I know that you will see me...
If you are interested in my other Street Photography projects, you can check out the Street Photography section of the website.
Thank you!

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