By early April 2020, Portsmouth, and the rest of New Hampshire were under a "Stay at Home" order. The Stay at Home order closed most businesses, but still allowed people to leave their homes to walk, shop (where possible) and exercise outdoors. Fortunately, as Portsmouth is a small city with many wide streets, it is easy to go out and walk around while still responsibly practicing social distancing. 

This an ongoing project to document this strange and difficult time in Portsmouth, and I expect to be adding more photos as time passes and things change.  The photos are divided into five categories, Empty Streets, Social Distancing, Closed Down, Signs of our Times, and Life Goes On!
UPDATE:  Around May 20, 2020 Portsmouth started to open up a bit.  Some restaurants are now open for outdoor dining (following state guidelines for social distancing, disinfecting, etc), some tennis courts, pickle ball courts and basketball courts have opened up to Portsmouth residents, and soon the public library will reopen for returns and curbside pickup.  As this happens, I will continue to take photos and I expect to add a new section to photo essay, possible titles: Reopening or Rebirth or Renaissance or The New Normal, or Where We are Now, or something of that ilk....
Thank you!

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